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Digital Forensics (PGD)

The high reliance on Information Technology (IT) and the pervasiveness of IT enabled Fraud in all businesses has made it imperative for Anti-Fraud Professionals to be equipped with Digital Forensics skills. The program provides a wide understanding of Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity concepts. It is designed to enable anti-fraud professionals pragmatically understand relevant IT Security Standards and Frameworks, perform digital forensics and effectively engage other Digital Forensics experts. This knowledge can be applied to emerging fraud areas in the Digital Space.
  1. Able to understand and apply the relevant IT Security Standards and Frameworks
  2. Able to understand the process of performing Digital Forensics
  3. Have hands-on experience with various Digital Forensics tools
  4. Are able to apply knowledge to their Anti-Fraud practice.
  1. Degree in Information Technology (or any associated field) - Preferable
  2. Anti-Fraud professionals who have Information Technology Audit skill sets.
  3. Anti-Fraud professionals who have the passion for Digital Forensics.
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