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Electronic Payments Fraud Management (PGD)

PGD in Electronic Payments Fraud Management is a course of study that seeks to impart dynamic knowledge about the evolving field of Electronic Payments and how to effectively manage fraud risk in this sphere. It examines the inner workings of Payment fraud from an experiential perspective and translates that concept into a Framework which can sufficiently guide the design and improvement of an electronic payment fraud management system in any financial institution.
This is a rare and unique opportunity to study a niche often subsumed in the fineries of Enterprise Fraud Risk Management by other learning institutions. It aims to develop the prospective student on how to proactively tackle Electronic Payment Fraud end to end in a way that has rarely been taught before.
The target audience are middle level manpower in areas of Fraud Investigation, Internal Audit, Internal Control and Risk Management with at least 2-4 years’ work experience in the afore mentioned fields.
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