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Fraud Prevention & Deterrence (PGD)

The Programme is a two semesters (12 weeks) Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Fraud Prevention & Deterrence. Candidates will be exposed to the following key topics; Fraud theories, Legal & ethical issues relating to fraud, Designing and implementing fraud prevention programs, Fraud prevention tools, Corporate Governance, Deterrence tools, Fraud reporting & communication amongst others.
The programme PGD Fraud Prevention & Deterrence will equip participants with practical knowledge and insights for combating Fraud in an organization and reducing its impact on performance to guarantee business continuity.
This Programme is recommended for Professionals of all fields and employees across the three lines of defense (Process owners, Head of department, Senior Management, Business Owners, Internal control, Internal audit, Risk managers and other assurance providers) who wants to equip themselves with the skill sets for preventing and deterring fraud in other to guarantee achievement of corporate objectives.
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