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    Academic Research

    The AACAS Research Centre is dedicated to providing data-driven solutions to the challenges faced in the context of anti-fraud and counter-corruption activities within the corporate environment and governance. The AACAS research team is positioned to work closely with academic institutions and professionals within the industry as we utilize innovative techniques to provide research works, publications, manuscripts, policy documents, educational training documents and more. The overall goal of AACAS Research is to conduct research aimed at improving our African society on the index of fraud and corruption.

    Target Audience

    Government and public agencies need knowledge on sharing and coordination of intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities; and establish a unified common strategic view of anti-corruption which will be beneficial across sectors.
    In the private sector, there is a need for knowledge in areas related to responses to business corruption. This will also incentivize companies to develop preventive anti-corruption measures, such as ethics and compliance programmes, codes of ethics, risk assessments, and due diligence procedures for business partner scrutiny.
    It is indubitable to adduce that the development agencies and civil society has a key role to play in fighting corruption, with the aim of promoting good governance. For this role to be achieved, there is a need to fill the knowledge gaps in the scope of risk assessment to consider whether their programmes are vulnerable to corruption, such as theft or misappropriation of funds or in-kind goods by warring parties, real or perceived inequities in the distribution of aid and sexual abuse and exploitation of beneficiaries by agency or partner staff. While every situation is different, in all cases development agencies and civil societies have to balance their commitment to humanitarian principles with the need to control the risk of corruption so as to be truly accountable to their beneficiaries, partners and donors.
    Anti-Fraud and Corruption Education for universities and learning institutions will provide sufficient knowledge about the intricacies of corruption and eradication and instil anti-corruption values. AACAS aims to contextualize universities and learning institutions' needs on strategies for improving admission and assessment processes; cybersecurity measures to protect student records; external audits of admission decisions; sanctions on politicians and civil servants with fake degrees; and legislative protection of whistleblowers.
    In fighting corruption, there will be a generational change, and these target audiences have to be the key constituents in this shift. AACAS curriculum includes content related to issues of corruption, civic participation, open government and transparency and this will be beneficial in strengthening students and accounting and finance professionals' knowledge on strategies of tackling corruption
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